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Donald Trump Readies Himself for the Masters

With little going on in the presidential side, Donald Trump turned his attention to a game he doesn’t need any help from Paul Ryan, golf. Given his recent failures in the political arena, his long plugged reform of Obamacare, the continued Russian controversy, it is easy to see why Trump has sought comfort in the game of golf. As we await decisions on key matters of state, Trump stalks the halls of one of his country clubs, readying himself for the upcoming Masters.

If you are on one of Trump’s golf courses, in one of his club houses and you hear, “Mickelson won’t make a bitch of me again,” don’t be scared. It’s just Donald in training, psyching himself up. He realizes he people will soon realizes he is way in over his head as president and attempts to grope the female reporters of the White House press corps have been met with serious condemnation from all sectors.

A few years back, Donald Trump lead the chorus of outraged citizens critical of Barack Obama taking time out of his schedule to play golf.  Already, in his third month as president, Trump has taken time out of his schedule to play golf.

“Totally understandable,”  White House press secretary Sean Spicer. “What do you expect? He’s is trying to win the Masters for godssakes.  I know the liberal media doesn’t want to hear that but it’s true.”


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