AG Sessions to Strip in Sanctuary Cities

Portland, Or, San Antonio, Tx,  you’ve been  forewarned. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has made it clear that, if these cities continue to disobey federal law and continue offering sanctuary to illegal aliens he will be forced to take action. As the attorney general of the United States, Jeff Sessions wields a lot of power and has the full power of the US government behind him. Yet, Sessions chose a very different method of enforcing the law.

“I will give each of them a chance. Mexicans are coming here and doing very bad things. New crime stats I just recently pulled out of my ass say that eighty nine percent of all crimes are committed by ninety percent of the Mexicans. Thus, I have made it clear to those cities that intentionally disobey the law, I will strip. I will come into their city and take my clothes off.”

Sessions’ tactics have caught the Washington insiders by surprise. Normally, being the attorney general, Sessions has many different at his disposal. Theories abound as to what Sessions’ motivations may be, One thing is very clear: Sessions is very serious about this.

“I owe it to the American people to protect them with all methods at my disposal.

And President Trump has lent his full support.

“Indeed, it is that kind of thinking that will rid us of these vermin.”

The next move lie with the cities and states. Can they really afford to have Jeff Sessions taking his clothes? We shall soon find out.