President Trump Tells Nancy Pelosi She’s Hot

The reason, after all this time, finally came to light. Donald Trump’s sudden interest in politics was a mystery to many. One moment, it  was boobs, cheap Mexican labor, and how stupid Donald Jr. was. On a dime, he turned and Trump became more passionate about the environment, Obamacare, immigration and boobs. Why the change? Why, a plucky little congresswoman named Nancy Pelosi.

For Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi was the exact opposite of everything he seemed to crave in a female companion. She was plain looking, outspoken, take charge, and flat chested.  All of them were deal breakers as far as Donald Trump was concerned. But this girl was different. She had a brain in her head instead of air.

Trump didn’t care. After a visit to the store to purchase an air pump for his hemorrhoid cushion, Trump set about crafting a public image to get noticed.  Most didn’t take him seriously but it was true love that spurred Trump into action.

Mistaking Pelosi’s party affiliation, Trump filed for his intent to run for presidency. During an interview on Fox News, Trump let the cat out of the bag but no one knew it at the time.

“Hottest babe in Congress?” Trump pondered the question only briefly. “Nancy Pelosi. I think she’s hot.”