Disability Prevents Pinocchio Writing For Breitbart

Acting has a shelf life, even a boy made of wood. For Pinocchio, the writintheg was on the wall. People were starting to ask questions of the little wooden boy whose first film was all the way back  in 1940. Seventy seven years later and he still playing a young boy. That knocking you hear, it’s Little Richard and there’s something he’s got to know.

Growing up in the Walt Disney factory, Pinocchio learned about hard work and the magic you can achieve, as long as you are white, male, and not a Jew. Pinocchio knew he was white. The other two things he wasn’t sure about. He liked the long talks he had with Uncle Walt and began to consider a life in politics after the movies appealed to him.

Pinocchio began to listen with greater degree as Uncle Walt talked about the “crazy cripple in the White House who was  trying to lead the US into socialism (FDR), the red neck bumpkin from Missouri,  and that miniature golf playing ninny general who rode his war fame to the White House.

Pinocchio came to understand these ideas were conservative and Uncle Walt swore by these ideas. Uncle Walt showed the boy a website called Breitbart. It was a conservative website that promoted the cause in a very passionate, yet partisan way. It was as if Pinocchio discovered  gold at the end of the rainbow.

As he read the first story aloud, there was a funny sensation in his nose. He paused for a second and continued to read. More tingling.

Pinocchio’s nose began to cry. He gasped. That means everything Breitbart says is a…