Donald Trump Sets Example For Children With Healthcare Bill Failure

President Trump knows he’s a role model for many of today’s youth. Out there among the welfare loving, healthcare wanting, unwashed masses of people, Mexicans excluded, of course, there is a little boy or girl, actually boy (In Trump’s view girls are for something else), dreaming of a tomorrow without having to face the blight of having healthcare for when he gets sick. Food for when he gets hungry and an education when he feels he wants to learn a trade so he can give back to his country. Little Adolph doesn’t want any of ┬áthat.

In an effort to grant Little Adolph or, if you like Little Donald, his wishes, Trump promised to rid the people of the yeoman that was healthcare for everyone. The money could then be put to better use in the defense and their ongoing research into finding new ways to blow stuff up or, many taxpayers’ favorite, building more stuff that doesn’t ever work.

The bad news for Trump came last night when Melania opened the front door and discovered a desolate Paul Ryan outside. Thinking he was the next door neighbor’s loser son, she tried to get rid of him until Donald came along and sorted the whole thing out. Ryan gave him the bad but Trump never panicked. In a matter of minutes, President Trump got logged onto Twitter and blamed the Democrats for the bill’s failure, even though many Republicans detested the bill.

Thus, Trump became an instant role model for the world’s youth. The Republicans and he had waited seven years for this moment and, when it came, they dropped the ball