Liberal Watchdog Group Asks Media Not to Forget Commas Do Exist

Call it the Charles Dickens or Anthony Trollope revolt. Call it a call to the arms for the period.Whichever side of the coin you land on, one thing is for. The liberal watchdog group Punctuation For Today has its eye firmly on the media and wants them to know they are watching.

“It’s disgraceful,” noted longtime semicolon fan Dirk Janowicz. “Our kids are being exposed to this garbage.”

Janowicz was not referring to some kid friendly pop tart with negligible singing talent and rack to match. No, this was the lead article in The New York Times.

“There, there, and there,” White House press secretary Sean Spngicer noted with fiendish delight about a recent article in theĀ New York TimesĀ and its lack of commas. The article detailed Donald Trump’s relationship with the Russian government.

“I mean, everything is correct in the article but it doesn’t matter because the author failed to use commas.”

In spite of Spicer’s admittance, no one had the heart to tell him he was wrong.