5. Alternative Facts You Didn’t Know About George Washington

Revisionist history is all the rage right now. History has had its say and it’s time for a little imagination and character.  FDR was the real cause of the depression and Herbert Hoover was the victim, nevermind the fact that two Republican presidents Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge were in office during the crucial years leading up to the crash and whose economic policies ensured the US got there. Ronald Reagan was the greatest president ever, even though Reagan didn’t realize he was president until four years after the fact.So,here are 5 facts you didn’t know about the 1st president George Washington.

5. The ate of Washington was named after Isaiah Washington. Big fans of the actor when he appeared on the popular ABC show Grey’s Anatomy, Lewis and Clark,  sit out off to Seattle to interview Isaiah on the Grey’s Anatomy set. As they journeyed, the two explorers were astounded by the beauty that surrounded them.

Stopping at a gas station in Aberdeen, the explorers asked the attendant, a frailish blonde boy named Kurt whether this land had a name. Kurt gave them an annoyed look and responded, “Washington, dipshit.”

“After Isaiah?”

“Yeah, whatever; dude.”

4.. Everyone from Washington are assholes. Check out everyone from Washington and ask yourself that question.r

3. George  Washington requested more nudity in the Showtime series about the Revolutionary War. Paul Revere’s wife didn’t ride naked in the opposite way to distract the British.  Nor did she ask: “Are you British cumming?”

2. Washington never wore pants while President. Press briefings took on a whole new meaning.

l. Was really a Republican. Or so Fox says and who are we not to believe Fox News?