Trump W.H. Says a Friend of Obama’s Aunt’s Nephew’s Son Asked Luxembourg to Spy on Them

Never one to give up a good story idea, President Trump and his team of writers came up with a new wiretap scenario idea. Though to date no idea has found any traction, the Trump team continues to press today. As with the others, former president Barack Obama still play the evil and bitter ex president. On his way out of his office, Obama, the real life Darth Sidious, decided he would get back at Trump for the whole birther controversy.

This is where the Trump writers ran into difficulties with the first draft. After seeing Moonlight, Trump and his writers naturally assumed that people would believe anything they were told, no  matter how ludicrous or stupid it might be. Trump wrote up an unproofed scenario in his own and threw it out there ass to the wind. Rejected widely, Trump sought the advice of his staff of highly trained writers.

It was hoped by all in the Trump White House that the Hollywood based creative team could make Trump’s far fetched wiretap story seem more plausible. Many had years of experience scripting Marvel film.e to  They knew how to make a turd look pleasing.

True to  the Marvel formula, they took Trump’s idea and made it egregiously long and convoluted.

Leaving poor President Trump with a very good lie to tell but no one to listen.