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Donald Trump Calls Elizabeth Warren Crazy?

Donald Trump opened up a new can of worms during interview with the USA version of Pravda, Fox News. The president looked forward to the 2020 election when his grip on reality will be less than Homer Simpson’s dad Abe. A scenario, where Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, would be Trump’s opponent and the president was pretty confident in the outcome.

Working on the highly unlikely scenario that he wouldn’t be impeached by then, assassinated by Rosie O’Donnell or competing for Vladimir Putin’s affections against three Russians government officials, Jeff Sessions, Sean Hannity,and Sean Spicer on the Russian version of  The Bachelor, Trump predicted he would beat the “crazy” Warren in the election.

“That bitch is loco, esé,” the president noted in a series of tweets he fired off in the middle of the night when all the crazy people were in bed asleep. He went onto accuse Mark Cuban of trying to possess the eternal soul of his daughter Ivanka and FDR behind the recent rise in the cost of tampons.

Just found out FDR responsible 4 recent tampon hike, omg! Will ask Congress to take his face off $1.

When informed that Roosevelt wasn’t on the one dollar bill, Trump responded with another tweet

Just found out Obama ordered wiretap and surveillance on daughter Ivanka. Fake News say the bugs have product of Trump Wiretappers. Not tru.  I had them made in Mexico.

What was this article about? His tweets have made me forget.


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