House Investigation Finds Trump Not Interesting Enough to Wiretap

A House of Representative investigation has found that former president Barack Obama did not wiretap then candidate Donald Trump. The president, then on his way to being elected, claimed in a series of Tweets that Trump Towers, his New York residence, was the victim of wiretap surveillance by  the Obama administration.

“During the course of this investigation by the House Intelligence committee, that Donald Trump was not interesting enough to wiretap,” noted Republican committee chairman David Nunes.

Nunes’ investigation left no stone unturned in their efforts to find, at the very least, a scrap of paper to suggest that something unethical was going on but nothing could be found.

On  a trip to one of his many “Russian friends” house to review top secret classified documents, the president was little surprised by the news.

“I’ve said this all along. We are not good liars. Until we become better liars, China will continue kicking our ass.”