Second Blocked EO Blocked, Trump Basketball Career in Doubt

In President Donald Trump’s estimation, this second block of his Immigration Executive Order has put planned for career after the presidency in doubt. The president watched helplessly as another federal court judge swatted away another Trump shot at bringing racial purity…I mean, safety from Islamic terrorism aside with all the panache of Shaquille O’Neal.

The block was a major setback for the hotshot who, to this point, has been as smooth as Allen Jverson when he didn’t  have to practice.

“Obviously, I’m not happy,” an  exhausted Trump said after the game. “We train for nine months, learn to read for nine months, do pen exercises for nine months and that’s your season.  Just so some smartass  judge who knows the law can block it?”

When informed that the judge was perfectly  within the rules as laid out by the founding fathers, Trump made it clear that he would have the matter reviewed.

“I am the president. I say what goes. That is what the founding fathers Lewis, Cantor and that other president guy meant when they said we the people. They were talking to me.”

That’s right, Donald.