House of Reps Approves $578 Billion Spending Bill, Destitute Generals Applaud

Republicans in the House of Representatives took care of hand that feeds them today, ushering through a had $578 Billion dollar defense spending bill. Increase of defense spending was one of new president Donald Ttump’s incoming administration. This comes in time as our military experience one of its lowest morale ┬áperiod ever.

In one fort that asked not to be mentioned, the condition of the fort served as a stark reminder why the Republicans felt the urgent need to get the spending bill through the congressional hurdles.

“It’s terrible,” General Blank (Not his real name) as he showed us around. He picked up a laptop and displayed it before us.

It looked like a normal computer.

“Turn on!” the general barked. The computer remained off. “The Russians have voice activated laptops. They can type, do everything by voice. Hell, even the damn Cubans have ’em.”

The general hoped that with the money the new bill will provide that all the old laptops will be put out to pasture and they looked every bit their age. One had even been purchased two days ago. It is in this quagmire the very people who order the people who protect us every day, work.