Fewer Apprehensions of Illegals at Mexico Border? Fewer Coming or Caught?

Republicans point to the numbers with pride and puff out their chests like brain damage. For Donald Trump, it just confirmed what he already knew. He and only he could stop the mass invasion of illegal Mexicans into this country.

According to the US Border Customs and Border protection, apprehensions of  Mexican citizens trying to illegal enter the US was at an all time low. This was the second straight month where apprehensions were down for the second straight month.

Conservative media outlets were quick to jump on the trend.

“This is proof,” one wag suggested. “Donald Trump is a genius.”

However, if one stops for a moment and thinks, a realization sets in. The first is, for eight years, the border patrol under the Obama directive. Trump became president in January. Therefore, the first couple months of Trump’s presidency are not indicative of any of Trump policy.

When was the last time you ever saw the government work that fast?