Sen. Lindsay Graham Finds New Way To Waste Taxpayer Money

Senator Lindsay Graham of South Carolina did something few have been able to do in a recent while.  Washington insiders are  in a frenzy after Graham promised he would get to the bottom of President Trump leveled allegations that his predecessor Barack Obama wiretapped Trump towers,

Graham, not really in the mood to pretend being busy, found a new cause to take up.

“As of today, I pledge to put the full power of the US Senate to investigate these and any other claim that President Trump can conjure.”

For sure it was April Fools Day already, reporters and critics ran to check their calendars, only to find it was still early March. Despite not providing any proof to the allegations, and seemingly pulling them out of  his ass, Graham assured he was confident that Miller Lite was less filling and that “whatever it was the nut with the hairpiece in the White House said” was god’s truth.

Professor Yancy Daddler of the Institute of Scoring on the First Date put today’s stunner into perspective, “Get some while you can because, dude, this ship is going down quick.”