Russian Officials in Moscow Call Trump Administration “Bunch of Snobs”

Government officials well placed in the Vladimir Putin lead government have lashed out against the Trump administration calling the “snobs” for not remembering their meetings. While high ranking officials in the Trump government scramble to save a sinking presidency, Russian officials felt used.

Bewildered, betrayed,  were common ways to describe the emotional state of the Russian officials.”I have no recollection” or outright denial have been the standard practice of the Trump people to inquiries.

This doesn’t sit well with the Russians either. Sergey Kislyak, Russian ambassador to the US, felt most betrayed.  Kislyak:

“I had to travel to Alabama. Alabama? Have you ever been to Alabama? The only thing that’s worse on earth than being in Alabama is being stuck in a Kremlin elevator with a horny Angela Merkel”

Kislyak journeyed to Alabama to meet with current Attorney General Jeff Sessions, then Senator Jeff Sessions. According to Sessions, the ambassador and he exchanged pleasantriessand that was it.

Kislyak laughs at this. “If I want to exchange pleasantries, I don’t go to Alabama. You all, hear that? Kislyhak don’t go to Alabama.”

The Russians, in turn, began dropping nuggets of what they did and who they talked to.. Said a Russian official who asked not to be named:

“You Americans can use  the Germans and  not call them the next morning.If you get in bed with Russians, you damn well better call us in morning. Or, we go, how you say…Glenn Close on your ass.”