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Unpublished Trump Manuscript ‘The Day of the Donald’ Mirrors “Russiagate” Fiasco

A manuscript,  entitled The Day of the Donald, written by President Trump closely mirrors many of the accusations critics are charging the administration of. As the “Russiagate” continues to implicate key members of the Trump White House, more and more questions about possible charges.

“No similarities,” White House spokesman Sean Spicer shook off before launching into an F Bomb laced tirade about the media’s job.

The manuscript features a young, virile man named Donald Strump, who quote: “…is a major chick magnet, with wonderful, totally awesome hair.” The character works at an office and he finds that his boss Lily Linton plans to run for president of the United States. He considers it his civic duty to oppose the “Islamic Loving,  tree  hugger witch from Arkansas.”

Thinking that she will let the “bad Muslims” run the country, Donald  makes a deal with a Russian hooker with a heart of gold who introduces him to the Russian ambassador who “has a heart of gold.” The ambassador sees that Donald has only good intentions in his heart and agrees to aid the boy in his endeavors.

The ambassador takes Donald  to meet “Kindly Uncle Vlad,” who rules the “Happy People of Russia.”

“Well,.he can’t be president forever,” senior adviser Kellyanne Conway countered when asked about the manuscript. “It’s a good book. I’m getting a copy.”


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