Trump Administration Sets Policy Course: Screw Up, Blame Obama

Donald Trump’s on the job training these past couple of weeks has been a series of trial and errors. More often than not, the administration has found itself tripping over a new problem before it had even dusted itself off from the last one. But that is about to change.

In a move that insiders are signaling definite policy direction, the president laid out his plans.

“If I do something and it goes wrong,” Trump said in a sit down interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity (All that is left, Sean, is doing one in the nude. Come on, Sean. Don’t disappoint). “I look around. And I know..I know that Obama did it. He is an evil warlock and I am a Grimaldi warrior.”

While Hannity seemed to buy Trump’s rhetoric(Doesn’t he always? Jeez, Sean. Get as room already), opponents were lining to criticize Trump’s choices.

“It’s inconceivable that he would jump to such conclusions,” said one Representative who preferred not to be named.”What the hell have we been prepping Canada for so long?”

Obama has long been Trump’s scapegoat for everything and his handlers have been encouraging the president to broaden his horizons. “We’ve had conversations about drafting in other scapegoats,” a senior Trump official noted. “We’ve yet to settle.”

When asked if anyone was off limits, the official smiled, “Donald J. Trump.”