State of Oregon Declares War on Trump White House; “Like Hell Will You Get Our Pot”

As it turns out, the bastion of tree huggers and Indie beer drinkers, otherwise known as the state of Oregon, does have a breaking point. Donald Trump found that out just minutes after he announced that he intended to  have the Justice Department enforce federal drug laws,  reintroducing a longtime dormant Republican tradition of promoting states rights so long as they conform to the party platform.

In a surprising show of defiance, Oregon officials delivered the old “Kentucky F#ck You” to the White House.” In a strongly worded letter to the president, the Oregon Governor’s office said, “We don’t like you and you don’t like us. If you think we’re going to let you have our sticky icky, boy, then you don’t know Oregon. Suggest you go fly a kite in Montana. We see you or that toupee ’round our parts,. we gonna shoot your nuts off.”

Later, Trump seemed to back off a little.

“Hey, I loved Oregon. Always have,” the President noted during an Executive Order signing decreeing that “Mexicans Suck.”: ‘I have many friends. Mike Pence and I plan to do the naked bike ride this year. Mike Pence, I tell you. Nice guy, very nice guy. Huge penis, too.”

Many analysts have questioned the wisdom in Trump picking a fight with the state. Many wonder whether Trump isn’t high half of the time. Being friends with Oregon would make sense for him..