Sick of “Fake News” President Trump Issues TLC Match to CNN Anchor Jake Tapper

It was inevitable that President Trump and CNN were going to have to settle their difference somehow. Mike Pence’s idea provided the germ for the idea that would ultimately provide the inspiration for what is to be the most pic political showdown in US political history since the “Hell in the Cell” match between Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis that ended the Civil War in the North’s favor. This time, it will be a TLC (Tables, Ladders and Chairs)match to decide the beef between the Trump lead White House and the powerhouse news media group CNN.

Mega handsome Jason Sudekis wannabe Jake Tapper will represent CNN.

News of the match up made the Vice President of the United States very upset. He could be heard shouting through the White ¬†House halls, drowning out the hollers of the ghost of former President Reagan’s gleeful jubilation that Oliver North had finally faded from the public’s collective conscious.


“Dammit!” one could hear the white haired Pence bemoaning. “I never get my way.” Few in the Trump circles felt anyone would care that much about a bra and panties match between Kellyanne Conway and CNN senior political analyst Gloria Borger.

“Come on, man,” Pence countered.¬†“Everyone digs a hot grandma.”

No one bit but Pence said remained confident the match would come off.

Meanwhile, as Trump continues on his crusade to clean up the media and rid them from using such nasty things as facts and his speeches, he must ready himself for one pissed of Jason Sudekis…I mean Jake Tapper.