New Secretary of State Tillerson to Take Air of Moral Superiority With Him to Mexico

If newly confirmed Secretary of  State Rex Tillerson thought senate Democrats were evil cut throat bastards, he is about to find out there is a group of people worse than Democrats.


Amid feverishly high tensions between the United States and its neighbors to the south, Secretary Tillerson will make his first official visit since his confirmation vote. Usually a reliable ally for the United States,  President Trump’s incendiary language about Mexico and the growing illegal alien problem plaguing the United States have set whatever Mexican population that still remains in Mexico on end.

Tillerson spent the better part of ten minutes preparing for what many expect to be a terse exchange. A  last minute meeting with the president gave Tillerson enough racist and disparaging remarks to tide him over for the duration.

At issue is President Trump’s immigration policy, as  well as the wall that the newly elected president said he would construct and Mexico pay for it. Though few would openly ask for such a task, Tillerson welcomed the task and looked forward to it.

“I was coming down here anyway,” the security stated at his first official press conference. “I am in need of undocumented workers who have landscaping experience. You may think you think you can just go down to the street and find one loitering at a taco truck. Sorry, you can’t. That’s what eight years of Obama has gotten us.”

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